Foundrytile Eurecat

Valorisation of foundry sands and dust in the ceramic tile production process replacing natural raw materials, such a red and white clays.

The Foundrytile project, ended in July 2018, promoted the concept of circular economy, key to sustainable development, because it reinforces the industrial symbiosis between companies in the foundry and ceramic sector. Specifically, the solution developed offers a better preservation of natural resources, an increasing valorisation of foundry waste, a reduction of the environmental footprint and an increase in the competitiveness of companies working in foundry and ceramics.

Eurecat’s Sustainability Technology Unit coordinated technically the compilation of the characteristics of the foundry by-products, the characterisation of foundry by-products, the development of the pre-treatment systems for by-products and the actions for the quantification the environmental, economic and social impact of the project.

Foundrytile also counted with the participation of the Asociación de Fundidores del País Vasco y Navarra (AFV), the Associación Española de Fabricantes de Azulejos y Pavimentos Cerámicos (ASCER) and Grupo Euroatomizado.

General details


LIFE FOUNDRYTILE – Valorisation of foundry sands and dust in the ceramic tile production process and understanding of new ion implantation processes of hard materials substrates and PVD AICrSiN – based hard coatings

Project reference

LIFE14 ENV/ES/000252

Programme and call for tender

Project funded by the European Union through LIFE Environmental and Resource Efficiency Programme of 2014