Study of opportunities to improve the production process in the wine production sector through industry 4.0 technologies. The study has allowed exporting and learning the reality of companies in the sector and detecting needs and/or improvement opportunities in the various areas of a company by incorporating digital technologies pertaining to industry 4.0.

This project arose with the idea of detecting opportunities for applying industry 4.0 technologies that would allow both responding to the needs of the wine production sector as well as solving problems that exist at companies in the sector.

Considering that not only wine and sparkling wine production companies but also ancillary companies of the sector have their own particular characteristics, the needs of each one has to be identified in order to adapt industry 4.0 to each type of company. MEJOR4VITI has identified and analyzed the effective and real development possibilities of industry 4.0 adapted to the different types of companies in the wine production sector.

The viability study was carried out in sessions, workshops and encounters with companies from the sector, and its conclusions have been included in a final report that details the most promising opportunities that were detected. For example, projects such as the following have been identified: autonomous robots that allow the precise monitoring and protection of grapevines and allow the automation of processes at a winery; intelligent management systems for controlling production; sensors and drones for remote management and decision-making regarding operations; the robotization of bottle-turning processes, etc.

The project, led by INNOVI, the wine cluster of Catalonia, has relied on the participation of Eurecat’s Consulting Department and of the company The Be Brand.

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MEJOR4VITI – Study of opportunities to improve the production process in the wine production sector through industry 4.0

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Project financed by the Ministry of Industry, Trade and Tourism within the AEI support program to contribute to the improvement of the competitiveness of the Spanish industry.