Project Description

The objective of the MOOD2Be project is to address the lack of mature toolsets to support the development process in the field of robotics for an improvement in the implementation and design of robot behavior.

The project focuses specifically on improving the software available for the development of the robot coordination and behavior, including the definition of a comprehensive meta-model and the implementation of a specific set of industrial quality software tools that are easy to use and can integrate into legacy code bases.

The MOOD2Be solution will allow, on the one hand, to improve the productivity and independence of the robot behavior developers and, on the other hand, help the community to improve the behavior of their systems.

MOOD2Be is a project of the team of the Autonomous and Industrial Robotics Unit of Eurecat selected during the first open-call of the European project RobMoSys, which aims to create models that serve as a basis for the development of better tools and software for the construction of robotic systems.

The Mood2Be ITP has been supported by the European Horizon H2020 project Robmosys. This contribution is RobMoSys conformant.

General details


MOOD2Be – Integration of Behavioral Trees in RobMoSys

Programme and call 

Project selected for RobMoSys first open-call, project funded by EU’s Horizon 2020 programme.