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The European Union is facing a rapid increase in the elderly population, which together with the lack of effective caring solutions provokes having elders with physical and cognitive problems to be moved to nursery homes early.

MoveCare project aims to develop and test an innovative multi-actor platform that supports the independent living of the elder at home by monitoring, assisting and promoting activities to counteract decline and social exclusion.

The MoveCare platform will comprised of several services: an activity centre and virtual caregiver, evaluating the elder status and guiding him through a personalized mix of physical, cognitive and social activities and a virtual community that puts the elder in contact with other users to promote socialization at this age. The platform also integrates an assistive robot that acts as an active autonomous companion, smart objects and domotic sensors for a behavioral and lifestyle analysis.

The use of software/hardware standards assures interoperability and makes MoveCare adaptable to utmost novel components. Full configurability, personalization, adaptation to elder needs applies to all components to maximize elder compliance, even when computer illiterate.

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MoveCare – Multiple-actOrs Virtual Empathic CARgiver for the Elder

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Project funded by the European Union’s program Horizon 2020 under the call ICT-26-2016 – System abilities, development and pilot installations

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