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The project NEXTCARE is an innovation project to advance the co-design, development, implementation and evaluation of a new model of integrated care for the adaptive management of chronic complex patients, which constitute the 5% of Catalonia’s population.

The new model will facilitate interactions between health professionals and citizens. The ICT tools, embedded in cost-effective integrated care services, will provide intelligent support for early diagnosis, risk assessment and stratification, patient monitoring and self-management, decision sharing along patient journey, and ultimately prevention and quality of life improvement.



  • Regional deployment of integrated care services for chronic patients with a personalized medicine approach.
  • Development of a test bank for the application of ICT in new services that generate value in the Catalan Health System.
  • Development and monetization of new products and services, which have a good level of transferability to other health systems, and which contribute to strengthening the Catalan industrial fabric. In order to face the technical and commercial challenges generated by these objectives, the ambition of the project is to advance in the co-design, development, deployment and evaluation of a new model of integrated care for the adaptive management of the complex chronic patient.

Expected results:

  • New organizational model for integrated care for ICT tools.
  • Development of tools for the shared and adaptive management of cases between healthcare levels and providers adapted to the interoperability policies of Catalonia.
  • Development of tools for self-management in the informal health environment that are interoperable, scalable and transferable.
  • Development and evaluation of a product and service based on the promotion of healthy lifestyles and self-management of physical activity.
  • Development and evaluation of services for the management of the complex chronic patient supported by innovative products of monitoring and prevention of exacerbations.
  • Tool for decision support in the prediction of the clinical risk and stratification of chronic patients elaborated from the GMA and other covariates.
  • Accessibility from primary care to diagnostic tests (specifically, forced spirometry) with support for the decision and historical evidence. Longitudinal analysis of diagnostic data with impact on case management.

NEXTCARE is part of NextHeath, RIS3CAT’s community led by Biocat. The project is coordinated by Eurecat, who will lead the development together with 19 more organizations.

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NEXTCARE – Personalized care of the chronic patient in a digital health framework

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Project cofounded by the Fondo Europeo de Desarrollo Regional (FEDER) under the FEDER Catalonia Operative Programme 2014-2020.