Project Description


The aim of NMP-DeLa is to develop a series of activities between Europe (EU) and the countries of Latin America (LA) that strengthen research, training potential and industrial competitiveness as a means to facilitate the implementation of nano- and advanced materials technologies in the most challenged areas of society in Latin America: Health, Water and Energy.

The primary activities of this initiative are as follows: to build new skills that facilitate local knowledge; to foster synergies and cooperative programmes with local and regional lawmakers; and to create the EUROPEAN UNION-LATIN AMERICAN Nanocluster.

During the project, 4 workshops and 2 summer school programmes were held  (in Argentina, Mexico, Brazil and Chile); the programme has taken part in the most important European sector events; and the NMP-DeLA Nanocluster has acquired 420 member organisations from 77 different countries.

The main result of NMP-DeLA is the LAC-EU 2025 Roadmap, which suggests cooperative programmes and future themes in advanced materials.


NMP-DeLA – Nanosciences, Nanotechnologies, Materials And New Production Technologies Deployment In Latin American Countries

Programme and Call
FP7- NMP-2013- CSA-7