OptiQPAP project addresses optimization of performance properties of the Q&P steels for their application in automotive industry. Commercialization of the Quenched and Partitioned (Q&P) steels to a large extent is currently limited by the lack of knowledge on their application related performance properties. This project aims to deliver tools to optimize performance properties of Q&P steels while retaining their high mechanical strength via intelligent microstructural design.

The objectives of the OptiQPAP Project, that counts with the participation of Metal and Ceramic Material Unit of Eurecat, include:

  • To gain fundamental knowledge of the principles of microstructural design for engineering of Q&P steels exhibiting a combination of enhanced performance properties with improved mechanical strength.
  • To establish the relationships between microstructural features of Q&P steels and various performance properties, such as fatigue, wear, weldability, crash behaviour, etc.
  • To establish the microstructure – properties relationship in the steels in the form of analytical and multi scale models precisely predicting properties of Q&P steels.
  • To develop new AHSS design concepts with combination of improved performance properties (fatigue, wear, weldability, crashworthiness, etc.) and enhanced mechanical properties (strength, ductility and strain hardening) for their application in the automotive sector.
  • To improve the industrial applicability of the Q&P process via optimization of performance properties in Q&P steels and to develop a controlled and reproducible process for their manufacturing.
  • To create methods for future development of new Q&P grades with improved mechanical and performance properties while requiring a minimum of trial and error procedures.

The OptiQPAP consortium is formed by IMDEA and CSM, institutions which are strongly involved into industrial research, ThyssenKrupp Steel Europe AG and TATA Steel, two of the largest European steel producers, together with Ghent University and Delft University of Technology, two academic partners which have developed international leadership in steel research.

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OptiQPAP – Optimization of QP steels for industrial Applications

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RFCS-RPJ – 709755

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Project financed by the call RFCS (Research Fund for Coal and Steel) of the European Union, 2015

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