Project Description


The main objective of the PAFORT project is to reduce nutritional deficiencies found in certain groups of the population and encourage the consumption of fermented products of a healthy nutritional profile, that are organoleptically attractive and do not imply a price increase in the final product. To achieve this, PAFORT will use bacterial strains in a different biotechnological way to produce enriched and fortified breads.

General details


PAFORT – New biotechnological use of bacterial strains for the development of enriched and fortified breads

Project reference


Tender and programme

A project financed by the MINISTRY OF ECONOMY, INDUSTRY AND COMPETITIVENESS and by the European Union, as part of the Challenges-Collaboration tender under the State Investigation, Development and Innovation Programme for Challenges in Society. This forms part of the 2013-2016 State Science, Technical and Innovation Plan, the mission of which is to foster technological development and quality innovation.