Development of a network of labs in the territory (OpenLab) with the aim of converting them into a matrix which leads the transformation towards a sustainable research and innovation ecosystem.

The Territorial Specialization and Competitiveness (PECT) project “HubB30, beyond circularity” is a pilot experience focused on Zero waste, which should allow design the methodology, the optimal structure and the Spaces to implement a new interaction model between the different actors of the Quadruple Helix (universities and research centers; administration; companies; citizenship) and the open innovation processes.

The overall strategy of the project is based mainly on the Responsible Research and Innovation approach for the definition of development policies and a super framework of Strategic Action, moving towards a resilient and sustainable R&D ecosystem model. In this context, the B30 territory becomes decarbonized and without waste (Zero waste Territory), and creates value through the resources it has, generates or receives, in regenerative production processes.

The network of “lab” articulated in the framework of the project will coordinate the participatory and co-creation processes to identify challenges. These challenges will be worked on together with other labs in the territory at the level of prototyping and development of solutions; products or services, which together with the support of incubators and accelerators can generate new business opportunities.

Eurecat, which participates in the project through the Sustainability Area and the Consulting Unit, is in charge of Operation 7, known as the “HubB30 Waste 0” Observatory. This operation has the objective of creating and promoting an ecosystem of innovation and entrepreneurship that articulates technological knowledge transfer initiatives to promote the identification of innovative initiatives and human capital, in a circular economy context. Within this activity, Eurecat is working on a systematic study of innovative strategic prospective and technological surveillance that will analyze current trends and real and potential technological advances that can be transferred to companies in the territory’s industry and citizens, as well as a self-diagnosis tool to assess the state of small and medium-sized companies and offer recommendations for technologies in the circular economy sector aimed at promoting the search for talent. On the other hand, a technological Road Map will also be carried out to define an action plan that helps to encourage the carrying out of search and development projects and train talent companies linked to the circular economy.

The project has the participation of the Cerdanyola del Vallès City Council, the Mollet del Vallès City Council, the Autonomous University of Barcelona, ​​ESADE, the UAB Research Park and the Ámbit B30 Association.


Advice for the definition of the company’s circular strategy and the preparation of its Circular Economy Roadmap

Within the framework of operation 7, Eurecat is looking for small and medium-sized companies linked to the territory of the B30 to offer them a Circular Economy Roadmap definition service.

SMEs enjoy this advice free of charge, thanks to the financing of the project from ERDF funds.

Interested companies can contact Julia Riquelme at

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Specialization and Territorial Competitiveness Project (PECT) – “HubB30, Beyond circularity”

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The project, with a budget of 3.9 million euros, has been subsidized 50% by the Generalitat of Catalonia within the framework of the PO ERDF of Catalonia 2014-2020.

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