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The Territorial Competitiveness Specialization Project Mataró-Maresme (PECT in its acronym in Spanish) is the materialization of the multiple strategies promoted, both at the municipal and regional levels, to implement the transformation of the territory through the construction of a model of smart, sustainable and economic growth. integrator.

The PECT Mataró-Maresme “Ecosystem of innovation for caregiving cities”, has the objective of developing and implementing in the territory new models and innovative solutions focused on the accompaniment of active aging and the care of people in situations of fragility or dependence. To achieve this, it carries out processes of search, technological development and generation and transfer of knowledge between the agents involved, as a basis for the creation of employment and economic activity with high added value.

The solutions promoted by the project respond to the social and economic challenges that currently exist in the socio-sanitary field and that go beyond the aging of the population and extend to new profiles and needs. Some of these challenges are the dimensioning of the health demand and supply, the technological integration of operability and innovative social-health management, the promotion of preventive policies, the digital learning of population groups at risk of exclusion, development and the implementation of electronic healthcare or the development of new models of public policy for social, digital and collaborative innovation in the territory, among others.

Eurecat participates in the project through the Digital Health Unit, the Big Data & Data Science Unit, the Health & Nutrition Unit and the Consultancy Unit. More precisely, Eurecat is leading the activities of the operation “Transfer of knowledge and technology to improve the QoL of the elderly population of Maresme, for the creation of an innovative ecosystem that articulates technological knowledge transfer initiatives.

The project is coordinated by the Mataró City Council, actively participated by the TecnoCampus Foundation, the Hospital de Sant Jaume i Santa Magdalena Foundation and the El Maresme Foundation, which like Eurecat carry out its own operations within the project execution. Additionally, the project has the support of the Maresme Healthcare Consortium and the TIC Salut Social Foundation.

The project budget is € 4,612,992.74 with an initial duration of two years, of which half are provided by the Generalitat de Catalunya within the framework of the PO ERDF of Catalonia 2014-2020. The PECTs are projects that contribute to the deployment of the Search and Innovation Strategy for Smart Specialization in Catalonia (RIS3CAT). They are initiatives articulated and promoted from the local level with a strong innovative component for the economic transformation of the territory and for the generation of sustainable economic activity and occupation.

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General details


Specialization and Territorial Competitiveness Project (PECT) Mataró-Maresme: Innovation ecosystem for caregiving cities

Programme and call for tender

The project, with a budget of 4.6 million euros, has been subsidized 50% by the Generalitat of Catalonia within the framework of the PO ERDF of Catalonia 2014-2020.

Competitive Intelligence Newsletters “Innovation ecosystem for caregiving cities”

Within the framework of the project, a competitive intelligence bulletin is prepared monthly with news, technologies, innovations and trends within the framework of the PECT, innovation, research and knowledge transfer in cure, care and improvement of the quality of life of the most vulnerable and fragile groups, especially the elderly and people with disabilities.