Pegaso-Fit 4 Future develops a mobile app with the aim to monitor and improve teenagers diet and healthy habits.

The application, designed by psychologists, healthcare professionals and experts in responsive interfaces, uses a t-shirt and an intelligent bracelet to monitor the user’s daily habits. In particular, the application keeps track of twelve different key parameters of healthy behavior: the amount of exercise and sedentary activities, number of steps, quality and quantity of sleep, fruit and vegetables intake, breakfast content and the consumption of sugary drinks, fast food and snacks, among others.

Pegaso-Fit 4 Future, started in December 2013, is a project founded by the European Commission’s FP7-ICT program that counts with the participation of 19 partners from six different European countries.

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Pegaso-Fit 4 Future

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Project funded by the European Union’s Seventh Programme Framework research and innovation programme.