The PERFILS project is a response to the growing demand for ingredients, foodstuffs and food supplements for sufferers of a variety of physiological conditions, such as allergies, intolerances and pathologies, which demand certain nutritional requirements and for which there is a very limited range of suitable and safe food products.

The project involved the development of ingredients and products that respond to the particular dietary needs of different groups: people at risk of metabolic pathologies such as obesity, hypertension and metabolic syndrome; people with an intolerance of histamine or lactose; and people with chronic renal insufficiency.

In particular, the results include (among others) a series of prepared solutions for the production of meat products, confectionery and baked goods; a list of ingredients that can act as salt substitutes; and a series of food products containing micronutrients that are low in salt, fat and sugar.

The project has also led to the development of new formulas for food products or supplements that are aimed at people with chronic renal insufficiency, providing beneficial ingredients while restricting potentially harmful effects; as well as food products designed specifically for those who are intolerant of histamines or lactose.

Additionally, PERFILS has developed a technology-based app to increase collaboration between companies, with a view to ensuring access to all of the relevant general knowledge over the course of the project and to compile goals, contributions and evaluations for the newly developed products on the part of consumers who require adapted food.

The PERFILS project is part of the RIS3CAT INNOÀPAT Community , which is led by CARINSA and includes Laboratoris Grand Fontaine, Alifarma, DR Healthcare, Casa Mas Alimentación, Sosteca, the Centre for Innovation, Research and Transfer in Food Technology (CIRRTA-UAB) and Eurecat. The Community’s aim is to increase investment in R&D&I on the part of Catalan companies in the agri-food industry, in order to make these companies more competitive while taking into consideration consumer demands.

Eurecat’s Health and Nutrition Unit has contributed to the project by using cheminformatics techniques to identify innovative food-based solutions capable of boosting savoury flavours while developing strategies aimed at reducing salt content in food products.

General details


REFILS – Food with improved nutritional profiles aimed at satisfying the nutritional requirements of specific populations

Project reference

R+D Project from INNOAPAT RIS3CAT Food Community


Programme and call for tender

Project cofounded by the European Regional Development Fund (FEDER) under the FEDER Catalonia Operative Programme 2014-2020.