PLASTFUN develops techniques and methods necessary for establishing a pilot manufacturing line of plastic injection pieces with surfaces with advanced functions, on an industrial scale. The manufacturing pilot will enable companies in the territory to develop new products using these technologies and to acquire the necessary knowledge for their profitable production.

The technologies developed will be validated into industrial demonstrations that will reflect, on the one hand, the advances in nanotexturing with film with the aim of creating integrated light effects with printed circuits that contain LEDs and, on the other hand, the advances in nanotexturing pieces with absorbed sensory print via IME.

Eurecat is coordinating the project through its Plastic Materials Unit, responsible for setting up the pilot plant for the development of products and processes for plastic pieces with functional IME surfaces and micro-nanotextures. The centre has also collaborated in the design, printing and electronic hybridisation of these IME films to include advanced functions, such as sensorial or lighting ones on the surface of injected plastic pieces, thanks to the participation of the Functional Printing Unit.

PLASTFUN is a project of the RIS3CAT Comunitat Indústries del Futur (IdF)  coordinated by Eurecat with the participation of Kostal, PTT, Autoadhesivos ZyR, Microrelleus, Flubetech, Isovolta, the Catalan Institute of Nanoscience and Nanotechnology (ICN2), the National Microelectronics Centre and the Chemical Institute in Sarrià. The objective of the Community is to consolidate an innovative powder that is a leader in efficient, sustainable manufacturing in Catalonia, through the development of a network of skills and pilot plants that will serve to streamline and consolidate the value chain of industrial Research, Development and Innovation.

General details


PLASTFUN – Pilot plant for plastic parts with advanced functional surfaces

Project reference

R+D Project from RIS3CAT Future Industries Community


Programme and call for tender

Project cofounded by the European Regional Development Fund (FEDER) under the FEDER Catalonia Operative Programme 2014-2020.