Digital Social Platform (DSP) with the best practices and experiences in water management in the industrial, social and political fields, to share them with experts from the sector and citizens.

The European project POWER develops a new free digital platform that allows consulting water management initiatives that are being promoted in different cities around the world and raising debates between experts and citizens, with the aim of raising awareness about the problem of water scarcity.

The POWER platform app, which is also available in a web version, is structured in four main aspects that deal with extreme weather events, level of quality of reused water, reduction strategies in water consumption and variables related to its conservation.

The Sustainability Unit of Eurecat participates in the project studying the social and political impact of initiatives related to water management and the repercussion on citizens and social networks.

POWER, which counts with a consortium formed by 12 partners, will publish different cases of success in the field of water management carried out in various cities worldwide, including Sabadell, along with Jerusalem, Milton Keynes and Leicester.

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POWER – Political and social awareness on water environmental challenges

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H2020-ICT10c-2015 – 687809

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Project financed by the European Union’s programme Horizon 2020