Development of an innovative method of predictive maintenance in smart lighting which reacts to certain events.

The PREDALIN project designs and develops a new disruptive software with the objective of improving decision-making and incorporating the concepts of Predictive Maintenance and Optimisation of Tasks in street lighting systems, as well as implementation at a “pilot” scale.

The implementation of advanced systems for the detection of anomalies, predictive maintenance and optimization of resources constitutes a capable tool to minimize the associated costs and the Loss of resources (material, human and energy) derived from problems, or bad decisions, in the field of street lighting.

The platform developed by PREDALIN is supported by a modular, flexible, scalable, error-tolerant and high-performance digital architecture that will incorporate Big / Small Data analytics capabilities for real-time data processing. In addition, it will adapt all the interoperability standards necessary to integrate external data and systems in a simple and dynamic way.

Eurecat, which participates in the project through its Applied Artificial Intelligence Unit and the Consultancy Unit, is the main responsible of establishing a “data-driven” approach from the data, in addition to designing the maintenance and optimization engines of the platform with analytical capacity.

PREDALIN project is coordinated by the Spanish Society of Electrical Construction (SECE), financed through the Red Cervera call from the Ministry of Science, Innovation and Universities.

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PREDALIN – Predictive maintenance in smart lighting that reacts to certain events

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Project funded by the Red Cervera announcement promoted by the Science, Innovation and Universities Ministry through the Centre of Technological Industrial Development (CDTI) and cofounded by the European Regional Development Fund (ERDF)