premia eurecat

PREMIA will develop a system that allows for the combination of next generation sensory devices and platforms, focusing on the need to keep the cost of these devices down in order to have widespread market penetration.

The user becomes the focus of the solution: while the artificial intelligence provides advanced data analysis to achieve greater energy-saving impacts, it also attempts to promote the active role of the user in achieving a lasting change in consumption habits through the completion of challenges and incentives.
It is a collaborative project financed by the Ministry of Economy and Competitiveness within the Collaboration-Challenges programme (RTC-2015-3784-3), in which Vision Systems and Technologies S.L. (coordinator), Sensing & Control Systems S.L. and the Smart Management Systems unit of Eurecat are taking part. The project, which will last for two years, began in October 2015.

SMS-Eurecat will develop artificial intelligence modules aimed at improving energy efficiency in domestic and office environments, and will actively participate in the whole pilot phase in order to gain knowledge from user experiences and incorporate this in successive updates to the modules developed.

General data

PREMIA – Platform for Reduction of Energy through Incentives and Self-learning.

Retos Colaboración – 2015