The main objective of the PROPERS project is to evaluate the feasibility of different technologies and digital resources to empower the consumer, through a digital prescriber, to improve their experience at different times of regular consumption, in addition to providing them a differential value through the company’s communication.

To this end, an initial study is being developed to learn about the technologies useful for improving communication with the consumer, digitising the experience of purchasing and consuming gourmet products.

In an advanced phase of the project, interactive communication methodologies and technologies are conceptualised, using different digital tools that can be read through the labels of the participating companies.

With PROPERS, the participating partners will be able to increase their competitiveness, improving the consumer’s experience during the pre- and post-consumption of the product; make users loyal to brands and their storytelling; increase the positioning of the company in national and international markets and update the message to be transmitted, in accordance with the values, to make it attractive to specific segments of the population such as young people.

At a technological level, the aim is to define the possibilities of applying digital technologies to improve the consumer experience; specify a technological strategy that promotes the digitisation of communication with the consumer; design, conceptually, the prototypes to be developed and create one as a new digital tool for relationship, communication and digital marketing to assess the feasibility of its further development.

Eurecat participates in the PROPERS project through its Audiovisual Technologies Unit, responsible, among others, for the integration of access to advanced information with QR codes, generation of multimedia capsules integrating video, immersive 360º environments and capture of system usage metrics.

The companies benefiting from the fund are Sumarroca, Unió Fruits, Alemany and Upwine. The project is coordinated by the Catalan wine cluster INNOVI and also has the collaboration of the Catalonia Gourmet cluster.

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PROPERS – Digital prescriber for consumer empowerment in the purchase of selected products

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Programme and call for tender

Project funded by the 2021 call “Grants for Competitiveness Reinforcement Initiatives (IRC)” from the Agency for Business Competitiveness (ACCIÓ) of the Catalonian Government