This project aims to develop four solutions (photovoltaic, kinetic, light and active shading) that are integrated into the innovative façade covering system developed by the company DENVELOPS.

The lighting solution consists of the use of unitary 200x300mm lighting panels that integrate LED lights (low power) and silicone to diffuse the light, eliminating the punctual effect of the LED. Color is controlled and aesthetic lighting effects are achieved.

As for the photovoltaic solution, it consists of unitary 200x800mm panels, with four photovoltaic cells per panel. The cables and connections are invisible, since they are integrated into the photovoltaic panel, being able to maximise the visual effect on the façade and generate solar energy.

The active shading solution integrates 200x200mm aluminum plates that rotate thanks to a platelet motor. They are remotely controlled via Bluetooth, obtaining a controlled movement of each panel and of the set installed on the façade, being able to control the entry of solar radiation into buildings with a light effect.

Finally, the wind solution consists of mini windmills with a vertical axis (Savonius type) that generate spot LED light when there is wind.

Eurecat participates in this project through its Product Innovation and Multiphysics Simulation Unit.


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Research and development in new offsite construction systems

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Project funded by the Red Cervera announcement promoted by the Science and Innovation Ministry through the Centre of Technological Industrial Development (CDTI).

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