Project Description

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The project RESSEEPE has the goal to develop solutions and services to improve the energy efficiency of public buildings.

During the project, partners will advance, adapt, demonstrate and assess a number of innovative retrofit technologies. Reductions in the area of 50% will be achieved in terms of energy consumption.

During the project, a ventilated façade that generates electric energy though photovoltaic panels and improves the thermal behavior of the existing building using vacuum insulation panels (VIP) will be developed, as well as an aerogel-based superinsulating mortar and a wooden insulating wall panel.

The innovations are being tested in four different real placements in the United Kingdom, Sweden and Spain to evaluate the technological, economic and environmental viability and develop an exploitation strategy.

RESSEEPE is a project started in July 2013 lasting 48 months funded by the European Union’s 7th Programme Framework.

General details


RESSEEPE – REtrofitting Solutions and Services for the enhancement of Energy Efficiency in Public Edification

Project reference

FP7-NMP 609377

Programme and call for tender

Project funded by the European Union’s Seventh Programme Framework research and innovation programme.