Development and application of novel retrofitting technologies and equipment for efficient use of Variable feedstock in metal making processes.

The REVAMP has the objective to cope with the increasing variability and to ensure an efficient use of the feedstock in terms of materials and energy. These new technologies developed will be exemplarily demonstrated within three different use cases selected due to the industrial relevance: electric and oxygen steelmaking, aluminium refining and lead recycling.

Eurecat, through the Metal and Ceramics Materials Unit and the Smart Management Systems Unit, will be mainly involved in the research of the effect of impurities and metal treatment in aluminium alloys and the development of a tool to optimize the selection of recycled aluminium with variable composition and quality.

The consortium of REVAMP project, led by the German Technology Centre BFI, is composed by 16 members of 3 different European countries.


General details


REVAMP – Retrofitting equipment for efficient use of Variable feedstock in metal making processes

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Programme and call for tender

Project funded by the European Union’s programme Horizon 2020 under the call SPIRE-05-2019 – Adaptation to variable feedstock through retrofitting.