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New solutions and tools that allow comparing and choosing between different transport services and promoting public and shared transport.

Ride2Rail project aims to integrate multiple (public, private and social) data sets and sources and existing platforms to promote an effective Ride Sharing practice of citizens, making it a complementary transport mode that extends public transport and rail networks.

The Ride2Rail framework for intelligent mobility will integrate and harmonise real-time and diverse information about rail, public transport, ride-sharing and crowdsourcing in a social ecosystem, which will allow users to compare and choose between multiple options and services classified by a set of criteria (including environmental impact, travel time, comfort, cost). This will make the travel experience both more positive for individual users and globally more sustainable.

The innovation promoted by Ride2Rail will be integrated into existing collective transport services, connecting and reinforcing mobility offers, especially in rural areas, in order to promote the access to high-capacity services (rail, bus and other public transport services), thanks to easy-to-use multimodal and integrated travel planning, booking and payment features.

The project, that counts with the participation of the Data Science & Big Data Analytics Eurecat’s Unit, presents a set of validated proof of concepts and business cases envisaging future mobility scenarios, where advanced transport solutions will be seamlessly integrated into existing collective transport services. These solutions will be demonstrated in the European cities of Padua, Brno, Athens and Helsinki.

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Ride2Rail: Travel Companion enhancements and RIDE-sharing services synchronised to RAIL and Public Transport

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H2020-EU. – 881825

Programme and call for tender

Project funded by the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme under the Shift2Rail funding scheme.

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