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The RIS3CAT Media Community is a group of 34 companies and agents from the cultural and creative industries (ICC) working and collaborating to promote and enhance an R+D+I action plan, with the aim to promote Catalonia as an international reference in the development of strategies that boost innovation, based on the intersection of science, technology and society.

The Community, coordinated by Eurecat, will carry out 8 innovative projects in the Catalan cultural and creative sector during the 2020-2023 triennium: PICAE, ViVIM, MIRONINS, nanoMOOCs,  IDENTI@RT, ENGAGEMENT, EDvidence ZINKCAT.

As a result of these projects, different transversal impacts will be obtained for the sector, such as: improvement of the efficiency and effectiveness in the production and distribution of cultural and creative content, development of new formats, promotion of the research into new knowledge methodologies and the interaction with users, improving the competitiveness of the ICC and boosting creativity as an innovation factor, reinforcing the role of creative services in the economy and society in general.

The RIS3CAT Media Community action plan has received €6M in aid from the Government of the Generalitat of Catalonia, granted by ACCIÓ, the Agency for Business Competitiveness.

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RIS3CAT Media Community

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RIS3CAT Media Community is one of the RIS3CAT communities accredited by the Generalitat de Catalunya. This project is co-financed by ACCIÓ, the Agency for Business Competitiveness.

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