Modular management and decision-making support platform integrating devices, people and processes within one single environment to provide integrated comprehensive management of traceability, quality and industrial maintenance.

The SCOuT platform will use artificial intelligence (AI), automatic learning and process mining, among other technologies, to develop predictive and prescriptive tools to be included within a system to support production and comprehensive management, traceability and maintenance of operations.

These integrated technologies will identify scenarios in real time and predict their future systemic statuses, providing recommendations to adjust processes and preventive alarms, through monitoring, oversight, supervision and protection of the key parameters of each manufacturing process in real time.

The SCOuT solution will permit supervision and remote diagnosis of failures, predicting deviations and operational anomalies, recommending operational strategies and solutions to deviations, while optimising resource usage.  The platform will also help increase the productivity, effectiveness and efficiency of any industrial plants where it is deployed.

The project has in place a consortium led by Eraltech Enginering with the involvement of Eurecat, which is collaborating in the initiative through the Smart Management Systems Unit by developing the architecture and processes allowing for the inclusion of cognitive models and the integration of multiple sources of information. The technology Centre is also responsible for the search for the cognitive processes to be included within SCOuT, alongside the tools required so as to provide smart management and actuation of the resources and devices of each plant.


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SCOuT – Cognitive Software for Industrial Traceability

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Project financed by the MINISTRY OF SCIENCE, INNOVATION AND UNIVERSITIES and by the European Union, within the framework of the call Retos-Collaboration of the State Program of Research, Development and Innovation Oriented to the Challenges of Society, within the State Research Plan Scientific and Technical and Innovation 2013-2016, with the main objective of promoting technological development, innovation and quality research.