Radical innovations to recover minerals and metals from seawater desalination brines.

The SEA4VALUE project, coordinated by Eurecat, has the objective to develop a Multi-mineral Modular Brine Mining Process (MMBMP) for the recovery of valuable metals and minerals from brines produced in sea-water desalination plants (SWDP).

The innovation promoted by the project improves the economic feasibility of well-established concentration and crystallisation processes (capacitive deionisation, membrane crystallisation, bipolar electrodialysis, multi-effect distillation) while performing research on innovative materials to develop the next generation separation processes enabling the production of raw materials from seawater brines.

Eurecat, which participates to the project through its Water, Air and Soil (WAS) Unit, the Waste, Energy and Environmental Impact (WEEI) Unit and the Chemical Technology Unit, is responsible for developing novel membranes processes for target elements recovery and a process simulation platform to integrate all elements recovery methods.

SEA4VALUE counts with the participation of a consortium integrated by 15 members from different European countries.

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SEA4VALUE – Development of radical innovations to recover minerals and metals from seawater desalination brines

Project reference 

H2020-SC5-2019-2 – 869703

Programme and call for tender

Project funded by the European Union’s Horizon 2020 program under the call SC5-09-2018-2019 – New solutions for the sustainable production of raw materials

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