Project Description

Comprehensive security chain management system to improve physical security, access control and cybersecurity in networks and infrastructure facilities involved in utilities resource management.

During SECUTIL project cryptographic solutions will be implemented to guarantee the security and privacy of personal data throughout the service and technology cycle, reducing the window of risk to critical infrastructure information systems. Simulation tools will also be designed and implemented to assist in decision-making by the critical infrastructure security management team, as well as research into new infrastructure and systems security models.

One of the most notable aspects of the project is the research and development of tools and solutions based on artificial intelligence technologies, with the aim of providing prevention, protection, mitigation and defence in response to the new, emerging landscape of cyberattacks, and those that will arrive in the near future.

The project outcomes will include more advanced and intelligent algorithms, architecture and autonomous cybersecurity models for cyberphysical systems, solutions that are essential to protect new infrastructure and service models.

SECUTIL is aproject of theRIS3CAT Utilities 4.0 Community, coordinated by Eurecat’s IT Security Technological Unit, with the involvement of Naturgy, Retevisión, Centre Tecnològic de l’Aigua, Universitat Politècnica de Catalunya, Universitat de Lleida and Barcelona Supercomputing Center. The aim of the Community is to transform the utilities sector by identifying a suite of tools and solutions allowing for the digital transformation to the utilities 4.0 concept, and the creation of an industrial fabric through the development and application of these new solutions.

General details


SECUTIL – Security and cybersecurity solutions in utilities for the protection of critical infrastructures.

Project reference

R+D Project from RIS3CAT Utilities 4.0 Community


Programme and call for tender

Project cofounded by the European Regional Development Fund (FEDER) under the FEDER Catalonia Operative Programme 2014-2020.