The SENIX project develops new technologies and systems to improve the control of distribution networks and Utilities infrastructures (service providers), which will ultimately result in better service to customers/citizens. The project aims to transform the operation, maintenance and planning of distribution networks by increasing the current level of sensorization and integrating new inspection systems in harsh field environments. The result is an improvement in the performance and safety of the key and critical elements of the installations, equipped with massive data processing capacity, communication and self-management.

In the future, SENIX will provide tools to improve the performance of the commercial systems available today which, in many cases, have a high cost and do not allow information to be easily obtained from a massive number of network connections.

In the course of the SENIX project, research is carried out on low-consumption communication and sensorization technologies that can be used in the utilities sector, as well as harvesting elements that make it possible to extend their autonomy to measure and transmit quality and safety parameters of the elements distributed throughout their networks.

Developments in different technologies currently underexploited in the utilities sector will allow, among other benefits:

  • leak detection by direct and indirect methods
  • monitoring of quality and operation variables in the networks
  • traceability of components and their exact location in the subsoil
  • marking and monitoring of critical points along the network
  • mapping of different types of networks and assets in the subsoil
  • advanced visual inspection inside conduits

SENIX is a project promoted by the RIS3CAT’s Utilities 4.0 Community, coordinated by Nedgia with the participation of Eurecat and ten other companies. The Community’s aim is to transform the utilities sector by identifying a set of tools and solutions that promote digitalization towards the concept of Utilities 4.0 and to weave an industrial fabric through the development and application of these new solutions.

Eurecat will primarily support the project from its Functional Printing Units and Smart Management Systems. The Centre participates actively in the project as a leader in obtaining knowledge in sensorized networks, using big data technology and artificial intelligence to improve the operation and security of service infrastructures.

General details


SENIX- Sensorization and network inspection

Project reference

R+D Project from RIS3CAT Utilities 4.0 Community


Programme and call for tender

Project cofounded by the European Regional Development Fund (FEDER) under the FEDER Catalonia Operative Programme 2014-2020.