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Sharework develops a human robot collaboration. It develops a system capable of understanding the environment and predict human actions by using artificial intelligence and process data in an environment where human safety is guaranteed. This way, the effective adoption of Human-Robot Collaboration on current automation lack manufacturing processes is possible.

The solution is based on a set of software modules to process and interpret the process and environmental data and adjusts collaborative robotics to each industrial process and to the workers themselves, making possible to adapt the robots currently installed in each plant to ensure more effective cooperation with humans.

Sharework comprises, among others, a human-aware dynamic task planning system, to react based on knowledge or environmental status reassigning tasks or reconfiguring robot control, and a multimodal human-robot communication system for a bidirectional communication between the operator and the robot. In addition, methods for overcoming human-related barriers and data reliability and security will be applied for a successful integration in the industry.

Sharework technology will be demonstrated in applications for the railway, automotive, metal and capital goods, key industries in which the adoption of collaborative robotics’ solutions are needed for increasing productivity, reducing human stress and supporting workers, that will ultimately contribute to strengthen the European industry.

The project, counting with the participation of 15 institutions from six different European countries, is coordinated by Eurecat’s Robotics and Automation Technological Unit and englobes six research institutions and eight industrial partners, as well as one standardisation organism.

General details


SHAREWORK – Safe and effective human-robot cooperation towards a better competiveness on current automation lack manufacturing processes.

Project reference

H2020-NMBP-FOF-2018 -820807

Programme and call for tender

Project funded by the European Union’s program Horizon 2020 under the call DT-FOF-02-2018 – Effective Industrial Human-Robot Collaboration