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SIMBIOTS project facilitates the introduction of robotics in new industrial processes and applications thanks to the development of collaborative robots that facilitates the interaction of robots and operators without physical barriers. SIMBIOTS allows:

  • The implementation of safe workspaces shared between robots and operators

  • The improvement in the ergonomics of workers

  • The reduction of the number of injuries and casualties resulting from the activity

  • The increase in industrial productivity through sustainable manufacturing

SIMBIOTS is a project of the Community Industries of the Future (IdF) of RIS3CAT coordinated by the Institute of Robotics and Industrial Informatics (IRI) with the participation of Zanini ParetsPal-RoboticsPromaut and Eurecat. The aim of the Community is to consolidate a leading innovative pole in efficient and sustainable manufacturing in Catalonia, through the deployment of a network of capacities and pilot plants that have to serve to streamline and consolidate the R+D+I value chain industrial.

During the project, industrial robot prototypes have been designed and implemented with the necessary characteristics to act collaboratively with the workers based on the development of a set of algorithms for an effective human-machine interaction, object recognition and operator position and trajectory correction in real time. The solution also includes an integrated sensor system that allows to overcome occlusions and methods to allow reconfigurations and adaptations of the robot’s actions.

The collaborative robot prototype developed during the project has been validated in the brightening operation of a load and unloading production cell, a process in which the operator has performed a large manipulation of parts.

The Eurecat Robotics and Automation Unit has developed collaborative technology and algorithms for effective man-robot interaction to increase the productivity of industrial processes and improve the ergonomics of different jobs. Thmain goal is to allow the robot to collaborate with humans, be able to adjust the end-effector position if a person is nearby, and allow the human co-worker to adjust robot’s arm position.

During recent months, Eurecat has been carrying out different integration days alongside project partners PAL Robotics and IRI, using emblems provided by ZANINI, to prepare a demo. The main goal of one of the project’s demos has been to use the TIAGo robot in order to clean and manipulate the emblems of a moving axis controller.

Eurecat is in charge of coordinating all the operations required using BehaviorTrees and to generate optimal trajectories for cleaning the emblems and picking and placing them on the tool axis. The goal is two-fold, as there are two demos:

  • Demo 1: Clean the emblems

  • Demo 2: Pick and place the emblems

Recently the project team has been doing tests to clean the emblems following a desired trajectory, and has also integrated with the axis movement, so that the robot can clean different rows of emblems on the different sides.

After carrying out tests at PAL Robotics the project team will do tests at ZANINI, the project partner responsible for providing the use case and requirements.

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General details


SIMBIOTS – Hybrid production systems based on human-robot interaction.

Project reference

R+D Project from RIS3CAT Future Industries Community – COMRDI15 – 1 -0008

Programme and call for tender

Project cofounded by the European Regional Development Fund (FEDER) under the FEDER Catalonia Operative Programme 2014-2020.