Development of smart foods and nutritional supplements to improve health, well-being and the quality of life of people with risk to suffer multi-factor pathologies and chronic diseases.

The SMARTFOODS project has designed and developed smart foods and nutritional supplements to introduce them in a balanced diet with the aim to reduce and prevent the risk to suffer the most common chronic diseases, like diabetes, cancer, obesity or cardiovascular diseases.

The main innovation of the project consists in going beyond functional foods that boost only-one health property available today and moving towards smart foods. The goal is for these foods to combine various bioactive ingredients with different functions in order to impact many targets at the same time, thus providing a more complete response to the multi-factor risk of disease, apart from personalising them according to each person’s needs.

State-of-the-art technologies have played an important role during the project, evaluating the interaction between nutrients and genes, which has allowed the concept of smart food to be linked with that of personalized nutrition.

SMARTFOODS, led by Laboratorios Ordesa, has counted with the participation of Eurecat through its Nutrition and Health Unit, Alimentómica, Andrés Pintaluba, Angulas Aguinada, Biopolis, Grupo Siro and Nutrafur

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SMARTFOODS – Development of Smart ingredients

Programme and call for tender

Project funded under the call “Proyectos Estratégicos Cien” of the Centro para el Desarrollo Tecnológico e Industrial (CDTI) and co-financed by the FEDER Catalonia Operative Programme