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Biological reactor to power valves in agriculture.

The Soil2Power project pioneers autonomous agricultural biobatteries powered by natural soil.

This includes optimizing energy harvesting systems to generate 60% more energy than conventional solutions, developing silk-based bioelectrodes to accelerate the activation of microorganisms in the batteries, adapting biological battery architecture for seamless integration with irrigation valves, and fostering versatile applications beyond agriculture.

Soil2Power aims to eliminate the need for chemical batteries and costly infrastructure, offering a sustainable, efficient energy source for agricultural irrigation while potentially revolutionizing energy solutions in various sectors.

The Functional Printing and Embedded Devices Unit of Eurecat participates in the Bio-Battery design, the prototype development and validation, and covers the ad-hoc electronics and communication components.

Soil2Power is a project promoted by five international consortium members: Bioo (Arkyne Technologies SL), which is the coordinator, CSIC, Eurecat, Pedal Consulting SRO and Zero Emissions Engineering BV.

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Soil2Power – Soil microbial fuel cells to power precise irrigation systems

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Project funded under the Horizon Europe EIC Transition programme.

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Enhancement of agricultural efficiency through sustainable energy solutions.

Reduction of the reliance on chemical batteries and promotion of cleaner energy sources.

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