Project Description


The SONO“R”US project is a groundbreaking concept in the manufacture of micro and mini plastic pieces.

Based on the results obtained in the previous project, Sonoplast, SONO “R” US has developed and optimised the first ultrasound moulding machine ready for sale on the market: the SONORUS 1G. This machine embodies a flexible, reliable and efficient solution in costs for the production of functional micro pieces with complex shapes.

The innovative concept of SONO “R” US offers major advantages for the moulding process, reducing the energy use by up to 90% in comparison with the conventional injection technologies. Because electric heaters are not used, the process is highly efficient, minimising the deterioration risks of the plastic. Moreover, it is a low-pressure process that enables savings of 25% to 35% in toll-related expenses.

In  2014, the SONO “R” US project was awarded as one of the best projects in the EU Framework Programme in the field of Industrial Technologies.

SONORUS – Machine for Microparts Moulding based on Ultrasound excitation

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