The SPHERE platform, based on the BIM building standard, implements the Digital Twin concept by creating a service ecosystem to improve and optimize the energy management of residential buildings throughout their life cycle, from design, construction and operation.

The SPHERE project promotes more sustainable construction processes with the purpose to reduce costs, environmental impact and achieve a greater energy efficiency of building.

SPHERE platform presents ICT solution tools that accompany customers, developers, builders and designers during the design, manufacturing, operation and end of the useful life of buildings. The platform creates a dynamic and participatory environment that allows to increase collaboration, ensure systematic and scientific performance measures and reduce inefficiencies.

Eurecat, through its Waste, Energy and Environmental Impact (WEEI) Unit, will develop and integrates tools for an optimal selection of materials and components in relation to energy efficiency and other environmental aspects. The Water, Air and Soil (WAS) Unit will develop tools for managing the availability, demand and treatment of water for buildings. On the other hand, Eurecat’s Smart Management Systems Unit will implement machine learning technologies for a predictive maintenance tool that will allow operations to pass when the fault has already occurred, to plan maintenance tasks and correct inefficiency. Finally, the IT Security Unit will participate in the design of the architecture, especially from the part of guaranteeing the security and privacy of the system, applying block chain technologies.

The methods, platform and tools developed by SPHERE will be tested in four real pilots. The project, coordinated by IDP group, counts with a consortium formed by 21 members.

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General details


SPHERE – Service Platform to Host and Share Residential data

Project reference

H2020-EU. – 820805

Programme and call for tender

Project financed by the European Union’s program Horizon 2020 under the call LC-EEB-06-2018-20 – ICT enabled, sustainable and affordable residential building construction, design to end of life (IA 50%)

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