Project Description

SunCoChem Eurecat

Development of a photoelectrocatalytic tandem reactor (TPER) to manufacture chemical products from renewable energies based on CO2, water and sunlight, integrating the capture and conversion of CO2 in a single dispositive.

The SunCoChem project, led by Eurecat, aims to provide the chemical industry with an alternative to produce oxo-chemicals without using raw materials derived from carbon or oil.

Based on the single-unit CO2 capture and conversion architecture to design a self-sufficient device, SunCoChem’s innovation manages to reduce costs, reduce CO2 emissions and improve the efficiency of converting energy from sunlight to chemicals. In addition, the project-driven solution will have a significant impact in reducing the dependence of the European Chemical Industry (ECI) on carbon raw materials.

The photoelectrocatalytic tandem reactor (TPER) developed by the project will be validated in an industrial plant where the conversion of anthropogenic CO2 emissions will be carried out to produce 3 value-added chemicals, which until now have been created using fossil fuels , and demonstrate that CO2 can be reused as a raw material in a sustainable and competitive way.

SunCoChem, which counts with the participation of Eurecat through the Chemical Technology Unit, the Waste, Energy and Environmental Impact Unit (WEEI) and the Consultancy Department, is formed by a consortium  of 14 partners from eight European countries.

General details


SunCoChem – Photoelectrocatalytic device for SUN-driven CO2 conversion into green CHEMicals

Project reference 

H2020-NMBP-ST-IND-2019 – 862192

Programme and call for tender

Project funded by the European Union’s program Horizon 2020 under the call CE-NMBP-25-2019 – Photocatalytic synthesis (RIA)

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