Synergy-COPD develops a set of tools with great potential for application in clinical practice and biomedical research with the aim to prove the potential of computational medicine and the systems medicine approach and improve knowledge and understanding of COPC.

With a holistic developed the most comprehensive existing computational model to simulate the transport of oxygen to the body , and the generation of reactive oxygen species . Likewise, we studied the different factors that determine the heterogeneity of COPD and its evolution , identifying the risks of developing major associated comorbidities , according to the profile of the patient.

As the most important results of the project is a computational models simulation environment , a knowledge base of COPD , a Decision Support System for the diagnosis of COPD , and an algorithm ( patented) for controlling signal quality obtained using a spirometer . Scientific results are available on special supplement published in Journal of Translational Medicine.

SYNERGY-COPD – Entorn de modelatge i simulació per a la medicina sistèmica (malaltia pulmonar obstructiva crònica –MPOC– com a cas d’us

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