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Measurement of toughness in high-strength steels sheets to predict fractures in car components, during service or forming.

In Tough-Sheet project, the fracture toughness of advanced high strength steel (AHSS) sheets used in automotive industry has been evaluated to improve material selection in cold sheet metal forming and assess crashworthiness of structural and safety components. The method used to achieve this is the Essential Work of Fracture methodology (EWF), commonly applied to characterise polymeric thin films.

The application of this project has provided a new mechanical property, fracture toughness, to consider in high strength sheet products, which can be used by different research and industrial actors involved in steel sheet manufacturing and sheet forming.

In particular, fracture toughness will improve the materials’ selection for cold sheet metal forming, predict the crash impact resistance of high-strength steel sheets, improve the crash simulations accuracy and optimise the development of new materials with an increased fracture toughness.

The project, led by Eurecat technology centre, has counted with the participation of Voestalpine, the Ricerche Fiat Centre (CRF) and IDIADA Automotive Technology.

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TOUGH-SHEET: Measurement of toughness in high strength steels sheets to improve material selection in cold forming and crash-resistant components

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Project financed by the call RFCS (Research Fund for Coal and Steel) of the European Union, 2014