uniko eurecat

The main objective of UNIKO is an innovative social research assistance platform that allows for increased research efficiency, providing the researchers with a tool that facilitates the search for and processing of entry data, covering all possible sources: from other research projects to direct feedback from the people that make up society in general or the research community.

One of the most important aspects of the project is the development of a new, more extensive, information search system that will allow for the identification of not only bibliographic sources, but also other data sources that analyse relationships between concepts from heterogeneous sources, and also include recommendations based on the relationships established by a semantic analysis engine, which will also be developed through the project.

The project is being conducted between 1 March 2015 and 31 December 2017. It is a joint initiative between SCYTL Secure Electronic Voting S.A., Universidad Rey Juan Carlos and Fundació Eurecat.

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Programme and call for proposals
State Programme for Research, Development and Innovation aimed at Societal Challenges (within the framework of the State Scientific and Technical Research and Innovation Plan 2013-2016).