Design of a pruning shears prototype to improve the competitiveness of the wine sector.

The VIPO project creates a technological solution to facilitate, through a virtual reality training tool, the incorporation of qualified personnel into vineyard tasks, contributing to improving the competitiveness of the wine sector.

VIPO designs a pruning shears prototype with sensors that allows to simulate in a virtual environment an experience close to reality and the parameters of a real vineyard.

Moreover, VIPO launches a training platform based on artificial intelligence, which is easily usable and customised, through which an introductory pruning course is held using the scissor prototype with sensors.

The Audiovisual Technologies Unit and the Functional Printing and the Integrated Systems Unit of Eurecat participate in the VIPO project, which is coordinated by the Catalan wine cluster Innovi with the participation of Vitartis, Adecco, Vitivin, Arvipo and Bodega Cuatro Rayas.


General details


VIPO – Training tool based on virtual reality

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Programme and call for tender

Project funded through the “Innovative Business Groups 2022” call of the State Research Agency (Ministry of Industry, Commerce and Tourism) and the European Union NextGenerationEU / PRTR