Creation of an innovative audiovisual production and consumption system focused on a new form of audiovisual narration based on omnidirectional video.

The ViVIM project develops a new audiovisual format based on omnidirectional video that offers end users a coherent audiovisual experience on virtual reality devices, tablets and traditional televisions. ViVIM includes production tools for immersive screens, support for omnidirectional cameras and access to content in a synchronised way, both using virtual reality devices (head mounted displays, HMDs), tablets and conventional television.

The viability of this model is raised through 2 demonstrators, one focused on deferred production and a second, aimed at live production, which focus on demonstrating the specific objectives of the project:

  • Creation of a new cinematographic language that takes into account the specificities of immersive screens and reconciles them with the most traditional audiovisual techniques
  • The extension of the production process to create omnidirectional content for a multi-platform environment (tablets, HMDs and television)
  • Maximizing the quality of the end-user experience on all devices, within the technical limitations of existing products and facilities, as well as the professional user experience in the creation and production process.
  • Enhancing the impact of the project within the ecosystem of content creators, distributors, and consumers.

Eurecat participates in the project through its Audiovisual Technologies Unit, which is in charge of developing innovative methods for the real-time depth estimation of omnidirectional 360º images for the creation of intelligent automatic tools for the production and post-production of audiovisual content.

The consortium is made up of i2Cat, which coordinates the project, at the Computer Vision Center (CVC), the Catalan Audiovisual Media Corporation (CCMA), Vysion and Eurecat.

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ViVIM – Computer Vision for Multi-Platform Immersive Video

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Programme and call for tender

Project funded by the RIS3CAT Community Accreditation and the selection of collaborative research, development and innovation projects, framed in the RIS3CAT sector areas of the Design Industries or the Cultural Industries and based on experience. This project is co-financed by ACCIÓ, the Agency for Business Competitiveness. (Resolution EMC/1689/2018)