Development of a research and flexible tool to collect and analyze parameters of the walk and relate them to the risk of falling of elderly people.

WIISEL project creates a tool that combines a flexible software platform with an insole system with sensors. It is placed in the shoe and collects data on the way of walking, basing the falling risk on different parameters and recognition patterns. A total of 54 seniors were successfully tested during the project system in Ireland , Italy and Israel.

WIISEL activity to quantify and assess the quality of gait in real life conditions ; is a key research tool to advance the analysis of risk of falling , and also a key clinical tool for monitoring long-term risk of falling , both at home and within the community , reflecting everyday behavior of the elderly .

WIISEL template system with its charger.

WIISEL The project is a collaborative research project , co- funded by the European Commission Seventh Framework Programme ( Information Technology and Communication ) . Led by technology center Eurecat division Mataro , its budget was $ 3.9 million, took three and a half years ( 2011-2015 ) and was attended by eight organizations from six different countries: an Irish one Germany , one of Israel , one from Italy, one in Sweden and three in Spain ( type 2 SMEs , two hospitals, two universities, two technology centers ) .

WIISEL – Wireless Insole for Independent & Safe Elderly Living

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