Optimizing the charging process for electric vehicles, from power generation to end-user experience.

The XL-Connect project creates an accessible and on-demand charging solution based on an optimized charging network, taking into account human behaviour, technical aspects and economic aspects.

By 2030, the European Union is expected to have between 30 and 40 million battery electric vehicles on the road. This increase poses challenges and opportunities for the energy system by testing system capacity, but also presents the possibility of using V2G, V2H and V2X technologies, as parked electric vehicles can function as energy storage.

The objectives of XL-Connect are:

  • Develop smart charging technologies and associated strategies to seamlessly integrate millions of electric vehicles in diverse environments.
  • Create a predictive digital model of the system to develop efficient charging and control strategies, benefiting all stakeholders.
  • Innovate in new services adapted to customer expectations, improving the user experience.
  • Demonstrate smart charging concepts and new services in various environments, including those powered by low capacity renewable energy sources.
  • Assess the impact, considering operational, economic, social and environmental aspects of smart charging strategies and technologies on stakeholders.

The European Union envisions a future with millions of electric vehicles and seeks to harness their potential through an optimized charging network, advanced technologies and user-centric services. This approach not only addresses challenges, but also maximizes benefits for all stakeholders, promoting the use of renewable energy and grid efficiency.

Eurecat participates in the XL-Connect project through its Waste, Energy and Environmental Impact (WEEI) Unit, the Applied Artificial Intelligence (AAI) Unit and the Consultancy Department.

XL-Connect is coordinated by the Virtual Vehicle research center and the consortium consists of 22 partners from 10 different countries.


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XL-Connect – On demand multi-directional charging solutions for electric vehicles

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Project funded by the European Union’s Horizon Europe programme under the call HORIZON-CL5-2021-D5-01-03 – System approach to achieve optimised Smart EV Charging and V2G flexibility in mass-deployment conditions (2ZERO)

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