Development of open and innovative practices for learning using digital platforms, tools and materials.

The YNSPEED project has the objective to provide critical skills of using Internet and other skills that are nowadays compulsory for an active and responsible digital citizen. Such skills are essential for lifelong learning and employability, as all of them are listed among the required skills the employers are looking for even after 2020.

In the framework of the project, which promotes the innovation in learning with flexible approaches, it will be developed a MOOC platform for courses addressing hot topics of the digital era such as fake news, artificial intelligence, sustainable development and learning English with technology. The students that finalize such courses can obtain diplomas that are nowadays already recognized by some employers fostering youth employability.

The platform developed by YNSPEED, that is addressed to youth workers from the 5 entities participating in the project and young people aged 16-35, offers to youth people relevant knowledge for their professional and personal lives, enhance their employable skills and prepare them for lifelong learning and for work in a digital society.

Eurecat participates in the project through its Training Department which is responsible of the technical implementations and verifies that all the technical requirements fits with the youth needs and their learning strategies.

The project counts with the participation of a consortium formed by the Institutul Roman de Educatie a Adultilor (Romania), The Open University of Cyprus, the Regionale Centrum Wolontariatu (Poland) and the Balkan Distance Education Network Baden, Cacak (Serbia).


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YNSPEED – Youth new personal & employable skills development

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Project funded by the call Erasmus+. Key Action KA2 – Cooperation for innovation and the exchange of good practices KA205 – Strategic Partnerships for youth