Big Data & Data Science



Towards a common European Mobility Data Space (EMDS). The DeployEMDS project marks a key step forward in the European Union's journey towards the creation of a common data space, facilitating data access, sharing and reuse in the mobility sector. Through common governance mechanisms, the goal is to unite data providers and [...]



Innovative collaborative initiative among three leading Spanish technological centres in the field of quantum computing. The ARQA project advances research and development of quantum applications for the business sector, thereby tackling challenges that traditional computing cannot currently resolve. The Cervera ARQA Network, formed by the Technological Center for Information and Communication [...]



Transformation of social thinking that favors energy savings and efficiency at the same levels as savings and economic performance. The From Euro to Joule (EUR2J) project uses tools from the science of complex systems to study and understand how the dynamics of social transmission condition citizens’ acquisition of knowledge and the [...]



More transparent and fair financing system. The Belender project brings greater transparency and equity to the financing system, with the goal of improving overall financial stability. This is essential in times of economic uncertainty, where opacity in financial data can generate risks and imbalances in the system. Eurecat's IT&OT Security Unit [...]

Smart City Manager


Smart mobility and traffic analysis and control system. The Smart City Manager responds to the current mobility and sustainability challenges of smart cities. The goal is for smart cities to have the most advanced tools with big data technology, blockchain and artificial intelligence algorithms to predict the mobility of vehicles, detect [...]



Co-creation of a citizen science toolkit for climate assemblies in living labs. The CLIMAS project aims to support a transition to climate resilience by co-designing an innovative problem-oriented climate adoption Toolbox, which relies on the application of a value-based approach, design thinking methods and citizen science mechanisms. CLIMAS will test the [...]



Data monetisation and sharing/trading platform for secure, reliable and controlled exchange and usage of proprietary data assets and data-driven intelligence. The PISTIS project advances the available techniques and technologies, such as federated data discovery and sharing, distributed ledger technologies (DLTs), non-fungible tokens (NFTs) or AI-driven data quality assessment and monetisation. These [...]



Investigation of 3D browsing in virtual environments and of an online interface that allows access and consultation of content by enriching it with artificial intelligence. The METAGLAM project focuses on the research of a 3D browsing interface and on carrying out a pilot test with the collections of the National Library of Catalonia [...]



Artificial intelligence model to categorise banking movements of SMEs and freelancers, detecting possible anomalies. The KINTAI project builds the bases for an artificial intelligence and machine learning tool for calculating the level of risk and its monitoring, a basic requirement for granting a loan to a company. KINTAI designs and implements models based [...]



Advances in the exploitation models of free ad-supported television (FAST) channels. The PFAST project promotes a technology for the automatic creation of personalised linear television channels by the user, so that, despite starting from the same content repositories, the grids are specially tuned to their preferences. Thus, the project contributes through artificial intelligence [...]

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