AL-INVEST Verde Construcción


Strengthening and improvement of the chain of SMEs and their business organisations associated with the construction sector, which have or want to have an offer of sustainable products. The AL-INVEST Verde Construcción project promotes, trains and implements circular economy practices inspired by successful experiences in Europe. AL-INVEST Verde Construcción is carried [...]



Improvement of the Integrated Water Resources Management (IWRM). The ACQUAOUNT project enhances sustainable irrigation through the deployment of state-of-the-art tools, smart water services and solutions, for public and private use, while contributing to climate resilience. ACQUAOUNT develops a suite of innovative solutions covering monitoring and control, interoperability and standardisation, efficient operation and [...]

EIT Culture & Creativity


Knowledge and innovation community designed to strengthen and transform Europe’s Cultural and Creative Sectors and Industries (CCSI). The EIT Culture & Creativity initiative, promoted by the European Institute of Innovation and Technology (EIT), connects creatives and organisations to Europe’s largest innovation network. The objectives of the EIT Culture & Creativity are: [...]



Definition, structure and validation of the interconnected knowledge space foreseen by the European Research Area (ERA) Hubs Initiative. The ERA_FABRIC project adopts three different and intertwined dimensions, all of them relevant for the elaboration of policies, that act as a structuring principle for the community that will be built during the [...]



Non-profit regional innovation ecosystem formed by the main agents supporting digitisation in Catalonia. The Digital Innovation Hub of Catalonia (DIH4CAT) connects the main technology infrastructure of the region to accelerate technology transformation towards a more green and digital industry. DIH4CAT is mainly aimed at Catalan technology start-ups, public administrations and SMEs, [...]



Investigation of 3D browsing in virtual environments and of an online interface that allows access and consultation of content by enriching it with artificial intelligence. The METAGLAM project focuses on the research of a 3D browsing interface and on carrying out a pilot test with the collections of the National Library of Catalonia [...]



Collaborative research to find solutions in the functionalisation of surfaces. The INFUNDA project is a collaborative research business initiative carried out by seven companies (KOSTAL, WALTERPACK, TOUS, MAIER, INECFI, FLUBETECH and GOIZPER), two of which are SMEs (INECFI and FLUBETECH), which have come together to combine their knowledge and provide solutions [...]



Initiative promoted by the European Commission to respond to the COVID-19 pandemic and, therefore, to the economic recession. The ReStartSMEs project aims to build the resilience of manufacturing SMEs in automotive, machinery and equipment, food and textiles by analysing their digitalisation needs and offering concrete tools to adopt modern technologies such [...]



Self-assessment, protection and healing tools to improve the resilience of Cooperative Automated Mobility (CCAM) systems against potential cyber threats. The SELFY project, coordinated by Eurecat, is developing a toolbox made of collaborative tools with the aim of increasing the security, protection and resilience of the CCAM ecosystem against cyber-attacks or malicious actions. [...]

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