European Projects



Privacy-compliant health data as a service for artificial intelligence (AI) development. The PHASE IV AI project advances the current state of data synthesis methods towards a more generalized approach to synthetic health data generation. The initiative develops metrics for testing and validation, as well as protocols that allow the generation of [...]



Optimizing the charging process for electric vehicles, from power generation to end-user experience. The XL-Connect project creates an accessible and on-demand charging solution based on an optimized charging network, taking into account human behaviour, technical aspects and economic aspects. By 2030, the European Union is expected to have between 30 and [...]



Reversal and prevention of obesity in the most vulnerable populations. The PAS-GRAS project addresses the main determinants that contribute to the transgenerational risk of obesity in the most vulnerable populations, including children in the prepubertal stage, adolescents and young adults, in order to reverse and prevent obesity and avoid the emergence [...]



Biological reactor to power valves in agriculture. The Soil2Power project pioneers autonomous agricultural biobatteries powered by natural soil. This includes optimizing energy harvesting systems to generate 60% more energy than conventional solutions, developing silk-based bioelectrodes to accelerate the activation of microorganisms in the batteries, adapting biological battery architecture for seamless integration [...]



Artificial intelligence to optimise stroke treatment. The TRUSTroke project proposes a novel platform based on artificial intelligence, trustworthy by design and privacy-preserving, to assist clinicians, patients and caregivers in the management of acute and chronic phases of ischemic stroke. The project is based on the integration of clinical and patient-reported data, [...]

AL-INVEST Verde Construcción


Strengthening and improvement of the chain of SMEs and their business organisations associated with the construction sector, which have or want to have an offer of sustainable products. The AL-INVEST Verde Construcción project promotes, trains and implements circular economy practices inspired by successful experiences in Europe. AL-INVEST Verde Construcción is carried [...]

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