Improved bio-inocula and living mulching technologies for integrated management of horticultural crops. Nowadays, the use of bioinocula in commercial agriculture sector is hindered by several factors, among them insufficient knowledge of microbial ecology and formulation efficiency, as well as less farmers awareness of application technology and requirements under different cropping systems. [...]

COPStrans – Technology analysis for the Operations Center of the São Paulo authorities applying MaaS and Big Data


Support for the recommendations of the São Paulo authorities to promote the design and implementation of a mobility system and integrate it with other modes of transport, promoting the concept of mobility as a service (MaaS). The project "Support for the SPTrans Operations and Control Center (COP)" collaborates with the authorities [...]



Aerial Robotic training for the next generation of European infrastructure and asset maintenance technologies. Currently, industrial sectors such as energy, transport, oil and gas, and chemical industries spend considerable amounts of resources to ensure their assets’ operational integrity. For that reason, alternative approaches for inspection and maintenance are urgently needed both [...]



The Möbius project contributes to a renewed and invigorated European publishing sector by providing tools and methodologies which leverage the potential of prosumers in innovation processes to guarantee user-centric and user-driven perspectives in the design and delivery of new enriched media experiences. Möbius is developing a prosumer intelligence toolkit for supporting [...]



A highly modular and collaborative autonomous ground robot for assisting construction workers on the transportation of heavy materials. The COBOLLEAGUE project develops an innovative highly modular, collaborative and autonomous ground robot with the objective to assist construction workers on the transportation of heavy tools and materials, enhancing their safety and increasing [...]



Innovative water recovery solutions through recycling of heat, materials and water across different and multiple sectors. The iWAYS project develops a set of technologies in order to increase water efficiency through three main solutions: exhaust condensation, water treatment and waste valorisation. Other than water, the project is also focused on energy [...]



Development and implementation of digital and circular water use innovations to promote a sustainable use of water and advancing sustainability process of industries. Innovative insulating and energy storage materials in building envelopes that have climate adaption capabilities. The iClimaBuilt project develops and implements advanced energy technologies materials, with improved insulation and [...]



Development and implementation of digital and circular water use innovations to promote a sustainable use of water and advancing sustainability process of industries. The AquaSPICE project aims at materialising circular water use in the European Process Industries, fostering awareness in resource-efficiency and delivering compact solutions for industrial applications, including water treatment [...]



Creation of a new alliance for the digitisation of SMEs through the application of Artificial Intelligence. The AI REGIO project aims at filling three major gaps that currently are preventing regional AI-driven DIHs from implementing fully effective digital transformation pathways for their Manufacturing SMEs at policy, technological and business level. At [...]



Development of an innovative AI-empowered Personalised Medicine system that bring medical “AI-empowered knowledge” to the tips of the fingers of clinicians and clinical researchers. The KATY project aims to develop an AI-empowered personalised medicine system built around two main components: a distributed knowledge graph that connects sources of medical knowledge, and [...]

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