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Raising awareness of legislation on water saving and reusing to promote the circular economy in the tourism sector. The WAT’SAVEREUSE project overall objective is to explain the benefits of water legislation and national initiatives to promote the circular economy in water consumption, particularly in the tourism industry, targeting both water savings [...]



Development of a complex material model for press hardening of steel, covering mechanical, thermal and metallurgical factors to generate an accurate prediction of the final behaviour of the material. The MiPre project has the objective to improve the accuracy of metallurgical and mechanical modelling to predict material properties in press hardening. [...]



Development of an innovative membrane technology and reactor process with high quality of water recycling. The Sub-FO (submerged forward osmosis) project presents a specific configuration which combines the benefits of forward osmosis (FO), such as the high separation performances and low energy requirements, with submerged membrane processes, as the treatment of [...]



Development of a new technology which enables to reinforce parts with continuous fibres, multiplying in this way the mechanical properties while reducing the weight. The CFIP (Continuous Fiber Injection Process) technology is a new post-processing, developed and patented by Eurecat, based on injecting the continuous fibers simultaneously with liquid resin inside [...]



Development of large-scale innovation applications for multiple water users and sectors at various relevant scenarios. The B-WaterSmart project has the objective to accelerate the transformation to water-smart economies and societies in coastal Europe and beyond. The project applies a large-scale systemic innovation approach to select, connect and demonstrate a tailored suite [...]



Systemic and holistic approach towards the creation of a European Union market for locally-produced circular textiles and clothing made from bio-based waste. The HEREWEAR project has the objective to promote new materials solutions on the latest bio-based polyesters and cellulose developments. The Functional Textiles Unit of Eurecat participates in the project [...]



European federation of Data Driven Innovation Hubs to create a common data space of reference in Europe. The EUHubs4Data project aims to consolidate a the European reference for data driven innovation and experimentation, fostering collaboration between data driven initiatives in Europe, federating solutions in a global common catalogue of data services, [...]



Control of risk for hydrogen embrittlement (HE) in steels for automotive applications. The CRYSTAL project, coordinated by Eurecat, aims to reduce the hydrogen embrittlement risk in high strength steel parts for the automotive industry. The project will use a novel solid-state gas sensor to quantitatively measure in-situ the hydrogen absorbed during [...]



Assets4Rail project applies cutting-edge technology such as ground penetrating radar, artificial vision and autonomous vehicles to monitor possible defects of the tunnels, as well as the geography and wear of the roads and the noise and vibrations of the bridges with the purpose of obtaining more secure and profitable infrastructures and [...]



Development of innovative technologies with the aim to give a response to pathogen contamination emergencies. The PathoCERT project researches and demonstrates a collection of novel, cost-effective and easy-to-use pathogen contamination emergency response technologies, tools and guidelines, which will be field validated by the first responders. PathoCERT has the objective to strengthen [...]

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