European Projects



Improvement of long-term primary cancer prevention.  The iBeChange project addresses psychosocial and lifestyle risk factors to promote primary cancer prevention. This initiative designs, develops and tests an integrated platform that encourages behaviour change in individuals to achieve healthy and sustainable behaviours and emotions. The innovative iBeChange system goes beyond the state [...]



Protection and restoration of  marine protected areas in the Mediterranean. The EFFECTIVE project develops a comprehensive scientific knowledge base and practical guidance, combining science, technological, nature-based solutions, digitalization, and social engagement, for the application of the ecosystem-based management to the protection and restoration of the EU’s Mediterranean Blue Natural Capital. The [...]



Adaptive laser beam for additive manufacturing. The ALABAMA project develops and matures adaptive laser technologies for laser metal deposition (LMD) processes with either powder or wire as feedstock material. The objective is to decrease the porosity and to tailor the microstructure of the deposited material by shaping the laser beam, both [...]



Addressing sustainable city logistics by tackling the negative externalities caused by freight distribution. The NIMBLE project addresses the lack of logistics solutions oriented towards small stores (comprising 20% of all goods distributed in a city like Barcelona) by defining a new, more efficient and seamless model of urban goods distribution. NIMBLE’s [...]

Life eCOadapt50


Transformation in territories and the activities developed in them to make them less vulnerable to the effects of climate change. The Life eCOadapt50 project raises awareness of climate change adaptation (CCA) at the local level, through the involvement of regional governments, research centres and socioeconomic actors. In particular, Life eCOadapt50 increases the [...]



Smart study on analysis and identification of practices, drivers, success factors and obstacles of transitions towards Industry 5.0. The PROSPECTS 5.0 project accelerates the transition to Industry 5.0 by enhancing the uptake of its principles and practices by companies, local innovation ecosystems, SMEs, start-ups, scale-ups and industrial sectors. The project provides [...]



New technology for the generation of green hydrogen. The H-LEAF project develops a PEM (Proton Exchange Membrane) electrolyser based on a new national patented technology. H-LEAF focuses on the research of new scalable and sustainable components, coatings, materials and processes to overcome current limitations in the provision of materials for hydrogen [...]

Smart Droplets


Enablement of technologies that reduce pesticide and fertilizer use for a better environment. The Smart Droplets project advances in a holistic system capable of translating large amounts of data into meaningful information and impactful spraying commands on the field. Smart Droplets implements autonomous retrofit tractors with Direct Injection System (DIS) for [...]



Expansion and improvement of the infrastructure around electric vehicles in Europe thanks to a shared economy platform. The SELECTIVE project promotes a digital solution that allows electric car charging points to be rented to other users, increasing their availability and promoting decarbonisation and green cities. SELECTIVE allows a much more efficient [...]



Next-generation battery management system (BMS) platform to overcome critical challenges limiting the performance of existing solutions. The iBattMan project revolutionizes battery management for Li-ion technologies, crucial for replacing Internal Combustion Engines (ICE) vehicles by 2050. iBattMan, through an innovative, modular, and scalable BMS, improves the performance, safety, and cost-effectiveness of Li-ion technologies, contributing to its full market penetration.​ The [...]

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