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New product of natural origin which acts as a salty taste enhancer. The Salt4Health project has the objective to develop a new product of natural origin that can be used as a salty flavour enhancer and able to avoid the antihypertensive effects of salt. Nowadays, the increased production of prepared food, [...]

Red TecnomiFood


Network of omics technologies applied to innovation and industrial development of nutraceutical and functional foods. The Red TecnomiFood project, coordinated by Eurecat, aims to integrate omics technologies to facilitate the access to these tecnologies to the food industry and to optimise their use, at all stages of the value chain of [...]



New ingredients, food supplements and medical foods capable of positively influence the health of people at risk of developing colorectal cancer (CRC) or who are diagnosed and undergoing therapy. The CIEN TERÁTROFO project investigates and experimentally develops new food consumption products and more effective, safe and beneficial ingredients to prevent the [...]



Development of new ingredients and food products to improve people’s mental and emotional well-being and cognitive performance. The DANTIAN project has the objective to meet the demand for alimentary strategies aimed at potential mental well-being and cognitive performance of the consumer. The innovation of the project is based on the development [...]



Development of a multicentre clinical study and application of omics technologies to elucidate the link between the Mediterranean Diet (MD), the gut microbiota and beneficial health effects. The MED4Youth project has the aim to strengthen the link between the MD and the health benefits against youth obesity and associated cardiovascular disease [...]



New microcapsules with antimicrobial and disinfectant effects for the sanitation of high-concurrency spaces. The Microesenci project investigates, develops and validates new microcapsules, which contain essential oils, with the objective to reduce the risks of infection in different risk situations and exposure spaces for vulnerable people, such as hospitals, elderly’s centres or [...]



Ageing population in advanced societies forces to increase efforts in order to support health and promote healthy habits among old people. The NESTORE project aims at combining different technologies to help old people to retain everyday life activities and keep in good health, physically and psychologically. During the project, which counts [...]



New urinary catheter with a dual functionality: antibacterial and preservation of the natural microbiota. The Bio-Urostent project is designing a solution for an uncovered clinical need that requires new technologies in the development of catheters that, on the one hand, have an interior coating to not only protect the device from [...]

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