PECT Mataró-Maresme: Innovation ecosystem for caregiving cities


The Territorial Competitiveness Specialization Project Mataró-Maresme (PECT in its acronym in Spanish) is the materialization of the multiple strategies promoted, both at the municipal and regional levels, to implement the transformation of the territory through the construction of a model of smart, sustainable and economic growth. integrator. The PECT Mataró-Maresme “Ecosystem [...]



Innovative neuroscience and Artificial Intelligence technologies applied to the design of new food products. The CIEN CONOCE project applies disruptive technologies in the field of neuroscience and Artificial Intelligence, with the aim of deepening the consumer’s knowledge and perception of multisensory stimuli, developing innovative food products adapted to their needs and [...]



High-performance steels addressed to electric mobility sector obtained through the use of recycled material. Currently, the European industry and mobility is facing a two-pronged challenge: the need of obtaining materials with increasing performance and cost competitiveness, while at the same time, reducing their ecological footprint and foreign dependency. Affordable and indefinitely [...]



Design and development of a new generation of circular knitting machines with total and predictive quality control. The PRECATEX project implements an innovative total and predictive quality control system with the objective to allow the productivity of quality textiles and minimises defective production. This new system is achieved by using new [...]



Prediction and support system for the comprehensive management of the evolution and use of resources in pandemics situations. The PROCEED project aims to create an augmented epidemiological model to support decision-making through the collection, integration, and analysis of heterogeneous data sources (health, mobility, environment, wastewater and social). Within the framework of [...]



Recovery of titanium sheet waste to manufacture titanium metal powder through atomisation. The VARTIP project valorises titanium sheet metal waste with the objective to manufacture high-value titanium powder and promote its future commercialisation. In this sense, VARTIP is developing a centrifugal atomisation technology for high melting point metals, which will allow [...]



New product of natural origin which acts as a salty taste enhancer. The Salt4Health project has the objective to develop a new product of natural origin that can be used as a salty flavour enhancer and able to avoid the antihypertensive effects of salt. Nowadays, the increased production of prepared food, [...]



Integrated, innovative and viable solutions to reduce the use of copper and its environmental impact in SUDOE region vineyards. The use of phytosanitary products derived from copper to prevent diseases in organic and conventional viticulture causes serious environmental problems. According to the European Union, vineyards concentrate the highest amount of copper [...]



New microcapsules with perfumes for detergency and cleaning products that do not generate microplastics. The GreenCAP project pursues to improve the leadership and excellence of the Spanish company in the development of detergents and cleaning products that do not generate microplastics. In recent years, the application of microcapsules has spread widely [...]

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