National Projects



Thermochemical treatments of by-products from the biomass and agri-food sectors to increase their added value. The GASIFICATION project evaluates the feasibility of using by-products from the agri-food and biomass sectors, such as sewage sludge, fruit pulp and biomass ends, as renewable energy sources through their treatment with thermochemical processes such as pyrolysis [...]



Innovative smart ski boot that allows the skier to improve his technique and, additionally, can be used as a touring boot to walk with ease and more comfort than the existing ones. FLEXOSKIBOOTS is an industrial research project that addresses two unresolved challenges in the ski sector. In the first place, [...]



Collaborative robotics in agri-food companies. The ROCOLA project manages to improve the competitiveness of agri-food companies by incorporating collaborative robotics in their processes. ROCOLA collects existing experiences in collaborative robotics and seeks solutions to specific challenges of the participating companies, designing preliminary configurations and executing pilot tests that demonstrate the feasibility [...]



Study of advanced robotics solutions for the textile sector. The FASHIONAUT project aims to digitise and robotise potential manufacturing processes in the textile industry, opening the door to new automation solutions using the latest market innovations. The main innovations contributed by the project consist of the detection of materials through artificial [...]



Non-destructive detection by measuring the degree of maturity of oranges and tangerines with multispectral images. The MADURESA project promotes innovative and disruptive technologies for the digitisation and improvement of the quality process in the agri-food sector, specifically in oranges and tangerines. Artificial intelligence technologies applied in the world of agriculture use [...]



Recovery of Critical Raw Materials, manufacturing of products with Secondary Raw Materials and traceability of their composition. The SENECA project, focused on the growing demand for mineral resources and strategic materials worldwide, investigates the potential of secondary sources of mining and industry through recovery and recovery processes of Critical Materials. The [...]



An innovative reclaimed water system based on separation and disinfection processes to reduce the environmental impact of the meat industry. The ElectroBioSafe project develops an innovative system for cleaning and disinfecting livestock transport trucks using reclaimed water and new sustainable products. The main objective is to replace the current system with [...]



The new panot of the XXI century. In 1906, Barcelona City Council ran a tender, which Escofet won, to standardise the designs of its “panots”, the paving stones that have fundamentally shaped the image of Barcelona's streets. One hundred and fifteen years later, through the BIT Habitat Foundation, it is launching [...]

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