The PIG-MALION project develops porcine products good for the heart, by means of the reformulation and incorporation of bioactive ingredients that allow to improve their nutritional and healthy profile. The products obtained in this project foresee to be incorporated in the context of a balanced diet for those people who regularly [...]



The CULTIVASOL project develops new greenhouses prepared for crops in times of high temperature and radiation through the improvement of the ventilation and the integration of flexible photovoltaic energy systems in the structure to achieve the energetic autonomy. CULTIVASOL represents the perfect synergy between two crucial sectors for the welfare of [...]



The Near-Field Lift Encoder project develops and validates a new system for the precise measurement of the position of the cabin in elevators based on microwave technology and printed encoders. The Near-Field Lift Encoder system is more robust against adverse environmental conditions and more reliable for the effects of dirt (inherent [...]



The goal of SkillsMatch is to develop assessment and learning technology in order to help users to adapt their skill assets to the demanded labour market skills. The solution will integrate and improve the development of Non-Cognitive Skills (NC), personality traits or motivations. During the project, partners will create a technological [...]



Jif2Land project aims to evaluate laminar flow wings technology and to reduce the amount of combustible needed and, ultimately, the environmental and footprint of air transport. The project contributed to the development of the natural laminar flow wing technology and to test the technology on an Airbus [...]



SmartEEs hub is an organized European innovation network dedicated to OLAE (Digital Innovation Hub – DIH) which will advise 20 startups, small and medium companies to be more competitive through innovation and new business models and will provide support of up to 140,000 euros for their technological transformation and the incorporation [...]

Certify yourself in CMMI/SPICE 2011


The Certify yourself in CMMI/SPICE 2011 project will implement the most advanced software process improvement models in the world such as the Capability Maturity Model Integration (CMMI) and ISO/IEC15504:2004 Information technology—Process assessment (SPICE) among software development companies to improve the effectiveness of the Information and Communication Technologies (ICT) industry for a major [...]



Bots2Rec project aims to introduce autonomous robots in real world scenarios for the removal of the asbestos contamination and minimize the workers exposure. The solution developed by the project consists of multiple robotic arms equipped with abrasive and aspiration tools that eliminate the asbestos autonomously. Bots2Rec also counts with a control [...]



The main objective of the HYPRINT project is to conduct industrial research on HyLEDs to be able to print by industrial methods. HyLEDs are optoelectronic devices formed by different thin printed layers that are deposited through different printing techniques. In this way, production costs will be reduced, and will be able [...]

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