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Design and development of a new generation of circular knitting machines with total and predictive quality control. The PRECATEX project implements an innovative total and predictive quality control system with the objective to allow the productivity of quality textiles and minimises defective production. This new system is achieved by using new [...]



Prediction and support system for the comprehensive management of the evolution and use of resources in pandemics situations. The PROCEED project aims to create an augmented epidemiological model to support decision-making through the collection, integration, and analysis of heterogeneous data sources (health, mobility, environment, wastewater and social). Within the framework of [...]



Innovative water recovery solutions through recycling of heat, materials and water across different and multiple sectors. The iWAYS project develops a set of technologies in order to increase water efficiency through three main solutions: exhaust condensation, water treatment and waste valorisation. Other than water, the project is also focused on energy [...]



Development and implementation of digital and circular water use innovations to promote a sustainable use of water and advancing sustainability process of industries. The AquaSPICE project aims at materialising circular water use in the European Process Industries, fostering awareness in resource-efficiency and delivering compact solutions for industrial applications, including water treatment [...]



Creation of a new alliance for the digitisation of SMEs through the application of Artificial Intelligence. The AI REGIO project aims at filling three major gaps that currently are preventing regional AI-driven DIHs from implementing fully effective digital transformation pathways for their Manufacturing SMEs at policy, technological and business level. At [...]



New digital cloud-based genotype to phenotype platform relying on Big Data Analytics and Artificial Intelligence and using large-scale publicly available and experimental omics datasets. The GLOMICAVE project, coordinated by Eurecat, addresses the need to build systems that allow the use of primary data analytical processes and support large-scale omic experiments, thus [...]



Development of large-scale innovation applications for multiple water users and sectors at various relevant scenarios. The B-WaterSmart project has the objective to accelerate the transformation to water-smart economies and societies in coastal Europe and beyond. The project applies a large-scale systemic innovation approach to select, connect and demonstrate a tailored suite [...]

Advanced analytics in pig farms


The “Advanced analytics in pig farms” project applies Artificial Intelligence to livestock farms in the pig sector with the objective of increasing their production and competitiveness. Advanced data analytics has a great importance for the agri-food sector as it is a field with an important potential for generating data. The massive [...]



Development of innovative technologies with the aim to give a response to pathogen contamination emergencies. The PathoCERT project researches and demonstrates a collection of novel, cost-effective and easy-to-use pathogen contamination emergency response technologies, tools and guidelines, which will be field validated by the first responders. PathoCERT has the objective to strengthen [...]



New platform based on the Internet of Things (IoT) for the habitat industries of Catalonia. The SMARTSPACE project promotes a new IoT solution with the aim of boosting the Catalan habitat industry, expanding its offer to include connected products and devices and adding differentiation for its customers. SMARTSPACE encourages manufacturers and [...]

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