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Creation of synergies between industry and water services to promote the efficient management of resources and value products, through the concept of circular economy. The ULTIMATE project promotes synergies and symbiosis between the industry and public water services with the aim of improving water management, creating economic value and increasing sustainability [...]



Implementation of intelligent control systems in four key domains of the blue economy, such as Smart ships, Smart ports, shipyard, and maritime surveillance. The GALATEA project is a continuation of the NEPTUNE initiative and maintains the same final objective focused on reinforcing and promoting the cross-sectorial collaboration and innovation in the [...]



Large-scale demonstration of water-smart and efficient management systems to promote a circular economy and society. The WATER-MINING project aims to aims to be an example for social embedding of innovative solutions in a wide spectrum of technology applications. WATER-MINING provides examples for real-world implementation of the Water Framework Directive to help [...]



New European network of Digital Innovation Hubs (DIHs) to stimulate the implementation of high robotic technologies and Artificial Intelligence in the agri-food industry. The AgROBOfood project develops a network, formed by universities, research centres and innovative companies with the objective of create innovation ecosystems at local and regional level in the [...]



Development and application of novel retrofitting technologies and equipment for efficient use of Variable feedstock in metal making processes. The REVAMP has the objective to cope with the increasing variability and to ensure an efficient use of the feedstock in terms of materials and energy. These new technologies developed will be [...]



The SPHERE platform, based on the BIM building standard, implements the Digital Twin concept by creating a service ecosystem to improve and optimize the energy management of residential buildings throughout their life cycle, from design, construction and operation. The SPHERE project promotes more sustainable construction processes with the purpose to reduce [...]



Sensors and digital tools to improve the management of waste water, storm water and flood events. SCOREwater project aims at enhancing the resilience of cities against climate change and urbanisation by enabling a water smart society. SCOREwater develops and uses digital services for cities, such as the FIWARE platform, methods, games, [...]

CuttingEdge 4.0


Novel material characterisation and data driven analytics to predict and avoid edge-cracking in safety related automotive parts. Advanced High Strength Steels (AHSS) have become the dominant material choice for lightweight construction in the automotive and transport sector for its good in-service performance, manufacturability and recyclability. However, in these kind of materials [...]



Automation of the manufacturing process and operations of aerospace launchers to increase the number of units produced and reduce production time and cost. Currently, the production of aerospace launchers implies a complex process and multiple manual validation processes in order to guarantee the integrity and proper functioning of the launcher which [...]



The ACTIV4.0 project researches and develops technologies for the digital management of utilities assets, processes and installations (service provider networks) to offer a better service to the user. The digitalization, sensorization and monitoring of assets and processes associated with utilities enable the optimization of the operation of plants and networks in [...]

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