Raising awareness of legislation on water saving and reusing to promote the circular economy in the tourism sector. The WAT’SAVEREUSE project overall objective is to explain the benefits of water legislation and national initiatives to promote the circular economy in water consumption, particularly in the tourism industry, targeting both water savings [...]



Development of novel materials and manufacturing processes for a high-volume production of OLAE devices. The MADRAS project, coordinated by Eurecat, has the objective to develop new materials and  manufacturing processes for a scalable production in an industrial level of OLAE devices. The project addresses the use of conventional and established industrial [...]



Development of a new process, based on microalgae treatment and cork filtration, able to remove nitrates and pesticides from polluted groundwater. The SPOT project, which has the objective to produce drinking water that meets the requirements established by the European Union, promotes the sustainability and resilience of animal farming and tourism [...]



Integrative cutting solutions to produce high performance automotive components with high-manganese (HMnS) steel sheet. Currently, there is a lack of knowledge about the effects of the cutting processes on the mechanical properties and formability of HMnS. This complicates their extensive industrial application because non-optimized cutting could cause a dramatic reduction of [...]



New deep energy renovation processes and methodologies to improve the energy performance and renovation of buildings. StepUP project aims to develop cost-effective solutions and technologies to transform the deep renovation market and make buildings decarbonisation a reliable, attractive and sustainable investment. To achieve this, StepUP uses continuous feedback loops and promotes [...]



eSCALED project is expected to generate breakthroughs in the development of artificial photosynthetic leaves as photoelectrochemical devices and educate highly trained researchers. eSCALED offers 14 Early Stage Researcher positions for ground-breaking research on artificial photosynthesis and photoelectrochemical devices. Each PhD student works under the supervision of an international and interdisciplinary team [...]

Zero Brine


Innovative technologies for reducing industrial saline wastewater streams and derived environmental impacts by recovering and reutilizing minerals and water from the brine. Zero Brine project proves that minerals, such as magnesium, and clean water can be recovered from industrial processes for their reuse in other industries, facilitating the implementation of the [...]



Circular economy applied to the treatment of table olives brines based on solar evaporation. The LIFE SOLIEVA project aims to solve environmental challenges of the table olives sector (TO) processing water and update the environmental legislation related to use of water. The project focuses to demonstrate the technical, environmental and economic [...]

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